The Objective of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta are to:

  • Fosters the development of excellence in the provision of psychological services
  • Broaden the scope of the applications of psychological knowledge and skill
  • Promote the integrity and esteem of the profession of psychology
  • Represent the interests of the profession of psychology with groups, organizations and levels of government
  • Provide services, support and benefits to psychologists
  • Advance psychological knowledge
  • Promote matters which are of common interest to the public and the profession of psychology
  • Provide a referral service to match individuals with the psychological services they require

Who should see a psychologist?

Many events and situations in our lives present significant challenges, and sometimes those challenges require professional support. Psychologists are committed to helping people improve their well-being and deal with problems effectively.

What is the referral service?

The referral service assists individuals in finding a well qualified psychologist to meet their special and unique needs. Callers will be referred to a psychologist who is a licensed, experienced, and ethical professional.