Alberta College of Social Workers

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The Alberta College of Social Workers (ACSW) is both the designated regulatory body for the practice of social work in Alberta and the professional association representing the interests of social workers within the province. Currently over 3900 people are members of the College (members are usually individuals with a diploma or degree in social work). The mission and goals of the College are:

· To promote, regulate and govern the profession of social work in the province of Alberta
· To advocate for skilled and ethical social work practices
· To advocate for policies, programs and services that promote the profession and protect the best interests of the public

The ACSW provides many services to its membership. They include:

· Promoting the profession through lobbying and public education
· Promoting opportunities for collegial networking and communication
· Providing timely information and professional publications
· Providing access to group insurance rates
· Organizing conferences and workshops

Current provincial legislation makes it mandatory for people who have a social work education, who work within the scope of social work practice and who work with the public to be registered with the ACSW. Registration is a formal commitment to practice according to the accepted Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for professional social workers. Individuals who are registered must show that they meet professional standards for initial registration and they must maintain their registration and competence over time.

The ACSW is a member of many related organizations including: the Canadian Association of Social Workers, the International Federation of Social Workers, the Association of Social Work Boards, the Federation of Regulated Health Professions, the Alberta Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health, and the Parkland Institute.